Annunciation TWB Certificate Program

Gift Cards & Gift Certificates that give back to Annunciation!


Did you know?

  • That when you purchase gift certificates and /or scrip card a percentage goes right back to parish.
  • What is the money used for
    • To supplement our yearly parish subsidy to Holy Cross Academy
    • To fund parish repair projects
    • Last FY we raised $8,080.00   Thank you!


Support Annunciation Parish without spending more through your everyday shopping needs! The Annunciation Partners (APP) gift certificate program through Great Lakes Scrip Center allows our families earn money to support our parish just by making regular household purchases. But instead of paying with cash or credit, you use prepaid gift cards.

For example, Shop n Save offers a 5% discount to our parish through When you order $200 worth of Shop n Save you receive $200 worth of certificates to spend at Shop and Save but Annunciation Parish receives the 5% discount ($10). Just by regularly using APP gift cards for weekly purchases, a single family can easily generate $500 or more annually toward Annunciation’s Parish Goals/ Funding Priorities.


  • Certificates and Gift Cards are available after most Weekend Masses at 5pm, 8a, & 10am.  Go to Annunciation’s Website and click on Annunciation Partners Gift Certificates for a list of gift certificates that are available for purchase. An order form can also be downloaded. You do not need the order form to buy certificates at Mass.   The form is for your information.  Gift certificates can also be purchased from the Parish Office during normal business hours (M-F 8am-4pm).


Did you know that if you use the community card associated with our parish that Annunciation will received up to a 3% rebate of every purchase?   What an easy way to donate to our parish.    If you already have a community card, thanks so much for participating.  You would pay for your purchase just like you did before. Don’t have one, and need more information please contact us!

And remember the Christmas Season will soon be here.  Please take advantage of our Certificate and Gift Card program this Holiday Season!  Gift Cards make great presents and Annunciation Parish will benefit also. A member of our committee will be happy to deliver the gift certificates to you if you are busy or if you have trouble getting around. (Contact Mariann Wedel: 961-3086)   And remember our certificates go fast at Christmas so shop early to ensure we have what you need!

Have more questions, please contact one of our committee members below:

Martha Disbennett (941-0073)

Katie Krobath (962-9283)

Mariann Wedel (961-3086)

Barb Koch (Parish Secretary – 962-5955 x121)