Fr. Mike Esswein, Pastor

Fr. Mike's Bulletin Message from August 20, 2017 

Dear Friends,


Next weekend there are a few exciting things taking place here --


  1. At our Saturday 5PM Mass we will bless all of our student athletes and their coaches in preparation for the beginning of the season of our many fall sports. Be sure to let all the players on your team know so no one ends up missing it!


  1. Immediately following Mass, the Men’s Club is sponsoring their annual FREE BBQ on our back parking lot by the Klocker House and playground. This BBQ is for all parishioners and should be a real fun time. Please join us! Again, it is FREE!


  1. At all of our weekend Masses a young lay woman, Katie Robben, will speak briefly to us about her ministry as a teacher in a village in Uganda. She will briefly share with us the work she does and explain how we could individually assist in funding two specific efforts she is personally involved in that will help many individuals gain the skills and education to lift themselves out of poverty.   With the funds raised families will be helped in establishing income, generating activities that will give them the capacity to pay for their food, school fees and medical expenses themselves and not have to rely on charitable donations in the future. Achieving this goal is the definition of justice verses charity, where individuals are always dependent on others for financial help. Katie will also speak to all of our Middle School students later that week before she heads back to Uganda that Friday.

I have come to know Katie in the last couple years and she is a wonderful person with a wisdom and depth that impresses me. I believe you will enjoy meeting her, or at least just listening to her, and some of you will want to assist her in the worthy work and ministry she is doing in Uganda.


  1. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday are the days for you to have your photos taken for our upcoming Photo Directory. Please sign up today if you have not already done so. It would be great to have as many of you in the Directory as is possible. I thank you in advance for making the time to do it!


Blessings on your week ahead,


Father Mike



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