Fr. Mike Esswein, Pastor

Fr. Mike's Bulletin Message from April 30, 2017 


Dear Friends,


We are looking forward to the Ordination of our very own Bishop-elect Rivituso this Tuesday! The Mass for his Ordination begins at 2 PM at the Cathedral Basilica on Lindell Boulevard. There will certainly be many in attendance, notably Bishop-elect’s Mom and family in the front pews….or at least his Mom better be in the first pew!?! An Ordination of a new bishop doesn’t happen very often, so this will be quite an event for our local Church of Saint Louis. If you’re able to join in the celebration and prayer, and be in attendance to share this significant and special moment in both Bishop-elect’s life and the life of our Archdiocese with him, that would be wonderful. You may also attend his Ordination by way of the Internet, as it will be streamed live, on-line. Check for further details in this bulletin.

If your schedule does not permit you to attend or watch his Episcopal Ordination, please still be sure to offer a prayer for Bishop-elect Rivituso on Tuesday as he begins a new chapter in his life of ministry in the Priesthood of Jesus Christ in service of the Church.


In other things…

Don’t forget to mark your calendars to join in our parish picnic and festivities on Saturday, May 13th. If you have children who you know will be going on the rides, be sure to sign them up for a ride bracelet to make it easier for both you and them on that day.

This week is our second of three weeks of the Annual Catholic Appeal (ACA). I thank you all in advance for your participation in this important endeavor in serving so many throughout our Archdiocese.

Congratulations to all our second graders who received their first Holy Communion this Saturday! We look forward to seeing you receive our Lord every time you celebrate Mass with us!


Blessed Easter Week!

Father Mike



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