AAA Registration Information

Please note Registration FORMS and the dates for registering may be found under each individual sport. Also for those concerned about team sizes we WILL be working closely with the other local parishes involved in the Holy Cross Academy school to fill the teams.

Here are a few fun facts about registration:
* Please feel free to snail me your registration.
* Do NOT e-mail me your registration, I will not register you without the money, sorry!
* attached is a copy of the registration form.
* Please fill out the parent name portion of the form
* Please only fill out the rest of the parent information if you are new(never played any sport with Annunciation) or If something has changed.
* Remember there are two sides to the form

Reminder: "Late registrations" will be charged an additional $25, regardless of previous AAA sports participation or coaching history. Late registrations will be cut off 2 weeks after registration date due to coordinating teams and CYC games scheduling unless athletics are needed to complete a team.  PLEASE DO NOT RISK BEING LATE.

If you know of any non-parishioners who participate in these sports, please notify them. Registration information and forms will be sent out through the EZ-Roster E-Mail system. Information will also be in the church bulletin and online in the PSR News and Parish School websites. Registration forms will be available online at Also look for reminders to be posted on the church marquee at the intersection of Glendale and Elm.

Registration Coordinator:
Pat Hillmeyer, 314-750-4973 or

Thank you to all the coaches and parents for your enthusiasm, dedication and support.