Annunciation Athletic Association

This organization designed to promote team activities for boys and girls under guidance, leadership and regulation. It promotes the physical and moral development of the participants with a Christian attitude of fairness and good sportsmanship.

Executive Committee:

President: Steve Strauss
Vice President: Rob Huster
Treasuer: Shauna Rittenhouse
Secretary: Erin Brasser

General Committee Members:

Concessions: Steve Strauss, Rob Huster
CYC Basketball Coordinator: Mark Delhougne
CYC Basketball Referee Coordinator: Stephen Zarky
CYC Golf Coordinator: Mark Schulte
CYC Soccer Coordinator: Joe Stevison, Tracy Clark, Jay Bauer
CYC Volleyball Coordinator: Erin Brasser
Registration Coordinator: Pat Hillmeyer
Uniform Manager: Steve Strauss, Stephen Zarky
Spiritual Liaison: Amy Kwentus

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