Fr. Mike Esswein, Pastor

Fr. Mike's Bulletin Message from February 18th

Dear Friends,

Many of you were able to come to our Mardi Gras fundraiser last weekend on Friday night and you know what a wonderful event it was! I am glad that so many of you were able to come and enjoy the evening with many of your fellow parishioners. There are a number of people to thank for making it such a fun evening and a success. First and foremost, we need to thank Amy Kwentus and Bill Brasser who spearheaded the entire event. They put many hours and hard work into making it all happen and all of their efforts certainly paid off! Kudos to both of you! Special thanks also to Mariann Wedel, Tony Hinrichs, Erin Brasser, Ann Kelly, Lynn Mealey and Barb Koch our secretary, and all of the Parish Council who helped with organizing, setting up and cleaning up. And, thanks to all of you who donated baskets and/or other items for the auction, your donations are much appreciated. To every one of you who attended the Gala, or had a hand in any part of it, I thank you for joining in this annual celebration of our community that also serves as our one fundraiser for the year.

In regards to the actual numbers in dollar and cents, at this particular time when the bulletin is going to print (i.e, Tuesday) we know that the amount raised is around $30,000!!! More specifically, both Fund the Need items, a new, baby grand piano for the church, and 20 new tables for the cafeteria and meeting rooms, reached the targeted goals!        

The piano has already arrived and you saw or heard it today during Mass. You may or may not be aware of the significant need we had for this piano. The most recent one we had in Church had been given to us for free a year ago and was 80+ years old. It came with a cracked soundboard that after a very short time, subsequently, made it difficult, if not impossible, to keep itself in tune. Additionally, a couple other things continually challenged the quality of the sound of music of which it produced. This new piano is small in size (5ft.) but mighty in sound, as it is a Yamaha, a brand ideally designed for a Church such as ours. It will certainly serve us well, at least for the next 50 years, as we come together each weekend to give praise and thanks to God.

The new tables are replacing the tables we have had for many years, many of which were physically warped or had small chunks of their tabletops missing. The old tables that are still in really good condition, however, we will save and store for use during our parish picnic and other larger events we host both in and/or outside.

The remaining funds raised from this Gala’s event will be used or earmarked for additional facility and safety improvements. Congratulations to everyone involved! Annunciation is blessed by you, the generous parishioners that you are!


ALSO…a BIG THANKS to Bill Brasser for organizing and producing the recent publication of our new Parish Pictorial Directories. They are beautiful and are a great resource for ‘putting a name with a face’! Thanks to Jeanne Moore who served as coordinator for all of us signing up for a time slot back when we had our photos taken. Jeanne also went and took the photos of a few of our senior members who live in nursing or retirement homes and were unable to get here without great difficulty. Thanks for going the extra mile for our community. And thanks to the MENS’ CLUB who covered the entire cost for these Directories. All of us who had our photo taken, or who sent in a photo, each received a free copy on behalf of the generous Men’s Club. Very nice!


As we have begun Lent I hope you have been able to determine and settle on a traditional practice of prayer, fasting, and/or alms giving for yourself. If you are struggling to decide and choose something, in addition to the resources you find listed here in the bulletin, please remember that you may discover something for yourself by looking online where there are any number of helpful websites, podcasts, or daily emails that will have many ideas for Lent.  


Remember….this Wednesday….Stations of the Cross…..6:30 p.m.


Blessed Lent!


Father Mike



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