Fr. Mike Esswein, Pastor

Fr. Mike's Bulletin Message from May 20

Dear Parishioners,

It was that first Pentecost that the Apostles received the fullness of God’s Spirit that empowered them to begin their mission, given to them by Christ, in bringing the Good News of salvation to the ends of the earth. Through the stories of the Acts of the Apostles we are able to read and learn of some of their experiences of announcing this Good News, and by way of history we know of their amazing success in introducing countless many to the Person and Faith of Jesus Christ. By the power and with the help of the Holy Spirit, the Apostles began to fulfill Jesus’ desire and plan for all people to come to know and believe in Him as the Way, the Truth and the Life. To bring the Good News of Jesus Christ, the Good News of salvation, to others is the definition for evangelization. Evangelization is Jesus’ first and fundamental command for us to fulfill. All of us have a share in the responsibility of announcing, bringing, telling others of Jesus and the love and mercy that comes to us through knowing and having faith in Him. In the coming year I’ll be speaking more on evangelization and what it means for all of us as a parish family, as well as for us as individuals, who have faith in Jesus Christ.

This past year one of the tasks the Parish Council had been working on relates to Pentecost and evangelization. The Parish Council, over the course of these last nine months, worked on developing and writing a parish mission statement. Many of you may have had experiences with mission statements from your places of employment. Some of you may have had good experiences with mission statements, and many of you probably have not. The purpose of the mission statement is to define who we are as a community and our purpose for existing. A mission statement is to give direction and a point of reference for everything that the community does. A mission statement is to capture the broad scope of one’s mission in one, straightforward and succinct statement. It is to be short in length in order that it can be easily remembered and then, subsequently, lived out by the community as a whole. A mission statement will often include core values that further define and provide concrete applications for the mission. Please see below the Mission Statement and Core Values developed and written by our Parish Council. I am grateful to them for their work on developing it and I am happy for us to have it so as to help direct us as we look forward to our future.

Come Holy Spirit!
And, have a great week --

Father Mike
314-962-5955 ext. 128


Parish Mission Statement

Our Mission, as the prayerful community of Annunciation, is to
Announce the Good News of Jesus Christ by living and sharing our Catholic faith.


Core Values

Guided by our relationship with Jesus Christ and
inspired by the Holy Spirit,
we fulfill our baptismal calling through:

Prayer, mindfully keeping the celebration of the Eucharist at the center of our lives as a community;

Evangelization, actively sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with those around us;

Stewardship, humbly giving our time, talent, and treasure to God and our community;

Education, genuinely committing to a lifelong learning about our faith in Jesus Christ;

Service in Love, eagerly fulfilling our love of God through supporting our neighbors in need.