The Annunciation Stewardship Commission

 Mission Statement

The Annunciation Stewardship Commission seeks to enthusiastically inspire and unify our parish to build a stronger community of Catholic faith through the prayerful, responsible sharing of our many God-given blessings and talents.

Commission Members and Contact Information

Rev. Michael J. Esswein, Pastor 314-962-5955, x128
Carol Link, Chair 314-750-4576
Tom Arcaro 314-963-7843
David Braun 314-712-5131
Greg Mackey 314-452-9086
Bettina Strauss 314-412-2525(c) or 314-259-2525(w)
Madonna Visintine 217-710-6170
Joan Zilch 314-852-7331


Adult Stewardship Guide

Adult Stewardship Commitment Card

Youth Stewardship Guide

Youth Stewardship Commitment Card