Annunciation Men's Club

What is the mission of Annunciation's Men's Club?

The mission of the Men's Club is to promote a religious fellowship to its members and the Parish Family through leadership and example, to bring together the men of the Parish in a social atmosphere, to develop friendships, camaraderie and togetherness in their daily lives.

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Pastor: Fr. Mike Esswein, 314-962-5955, ext. 128
President: Chris Weis
Vice President: Rob Zilch
Secretary: Bud Cavanaugh
Treasurer: John Picco

When are the meetings?
Meetings are normally held on the third Tuesday of every other month. Meetings related to a specific project are scheduled as needed.

What are the dues for the Men's Club?
Nothing. We are just looking for helping hands and good times while supporting our parish.

Who can join the Men's Club?
Membership is open to men, 21 years of age or older, who are registered and/or reside within the boundaries of the Annunciation Parish and have an active interest in assisting in both achieving the goals and participating in the activities of the Men's Club. Associate Membership is open to young men 18 - 21 years of age that meet the above criteria.

What does the Men's Club do?
We provide support, manpower and social events to promote community within our Parish. These efforts include hosting and running annual social events, community service, social activities and spiritual gatherings. For more information contact the Men's Club President, Chris Weis using the below form.

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