Rite of Christian Initiation

Interested in becoming Catholic? Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is a wonderful program preparing adults and older teen-agers into membership of the Church. RCIA is also a journey of faith. Individuals begin this journey of faith with an exploration and discernment period. During the exploration and discernment period, an overview of the Catholic Christian Faith and Way of Life are shared. This period lasts about three months, during which time the person is making a decision whether to continue preparing for acceptance into the Catholic Christian faith.

Each person will also have a sponsor, practicing Catholic who participates and supports the faith journey. Individuals who decide to continue their preparation, will be recognized as Candidates (already baptized Christian) or Catechumen (Unbaptized person) during a simple but profound ceremony at our parish 10 am. Mass on the Second Sunday of Advent. The Candidates and Catechumens will continue preparation by meeting weekly, learning about the Trinity, Revelation, Ancient Israel and its' mission, Jesus, the Catholic Church, Sacraments, Mass, Prayer, 10 Commandments, Beatitudes, the life of Christ, Mary, Holy Spirit, God's Grace, Saints, and Jesus' Angels. A beautiful ceremony, The Rite of Election, takes place the first Sunday of Lent at the Cathedral Basilica. All candidates and catechumens, throughout the Archdiocese, preparing for acceptance into the church gather at the Cathedral. The Archbishop or Auxiliary Bishop presides at The Rite of Election, welcoming those and their sponsors preparing for acceptance into the Church. The following week's of Lent are like a crescendo, increasing time in prayer, participating in the services of the Sacred Triduum, and being accepted in the Catholic Christian Church during the Easter Vigil Service.

RCIA classes are open to all parishioners interested in learning more about their faith. Contact RCIA director Patrick Stack to learn more about RCIA or wanting to become a member of the RCIA team.