Annunciation Endowment Fund

The Annunciation Endowment Fund has been created to provide a means for those of you who would like to include our parish in your Estate Planning. The Roman Catholic Foundation is the independent charitable organization for Catholics in St. Louis that will management our endowment. Almost every major nonprofit organization has a formal planned giving program such as an endowment, as it is a good way for people to remember organizations that are very dear to them in their end of life planning. You probably hear about organizations like the Zoo, the Symphony, the Humane Society, Universities, or Catholic high schools, which frequently tout their planned giving programs. When we agreed to set up an endowment specially for Annunciation Parish, it was based on the fact that many people hold Annunciation as a special part of their lives, and we wanted to provide those of you who feel this way an easy and efficient means to remember the parish with a financial gift that would be perpetual in supporting the well-being of your beloved parish.

To leave a legacy is to reveal our hearts, for our legacy is a final testament of who we are and what we value. Regardless of your age or economic status, we encourage you to begin thinking about the legacy you wish to leave behind and consider remembering Annunciation Parish with a planned gift through the Roman Catholic Foundation which will benefit our parish for years to come. To get started please contact the Roman Catholic Foundation at 314-918-2890 or