Dear Fellow Parishioners,

The Annunciation Parents Association would like to formally invite you to join us for the Annunciation Reverse Raffle and Gala. On February 26th, 2011, we will give away 3 cash prizes totaling $11,500. In addition to the cash prizes, those attending the event will enjoy an evening of good food, beverages, and many chances to take something else home, including a great selection of door prizes and games for large prizes. The evening will also host an oral auction, sign-up party tables, and other fundraising events for our Parish and School.

The Reverse Raffle offers 2 types of tickets: $50 for the raffle only and $100 for the raffle plus Gala admittance. Please join us in spreading the word to friends, family, neighbors, or co-workers about this amazing opportunity to win some significant cash. Feel free to contact Bill Brasser for you ticket needs and tickets will also be on sale after each Mass beginning on January 8th, 2011.

We invite you to learn more about the event at or visit with us in the back of church after Mass.


John Barr 314-304-4748 ( and
Bill Brasser 314-249-8076 (

Raffle Ticket/Gala Details
$50 Raffle Ticket includes

- Chance to win:
1st place $7,500
2nd place $2,500
3rd place $1,500

$100 Raffle Ticket/Gala includes
- Chance to win (the $50 raffle ticket):
1st place $7,500
2nd place $2,500
3rd place $1,500
(Includes One Time Chance to Buy Back into the Raffle if your number is drawn outside of the Top 3)
- Reverse Raffle Event Admittance
- Small Plates of Assorted Foods
- Oral Auction
- Beverages and More
- Games - chances to win large prizes (like a 40"HD LCD TV, iPad, Digital Camera, XBOX Gaming System)
- Door Prizes - large gift baskets ranging in value from $100 - $200 each
- Other Fundraising Opportunities
- Sign Up Party Table
- Music and dancing

(Please make checks payable to Annunciation Parents Association.)