Lenten Resources

Recommendations From Our Parishioners

Dynamic Catholic “Best Lent Ever”
“I appreciate this resource as it helps to keep me actively involved and focused daily on my Lenten journey, as daily life can be distracting.” – Suzi Wells

“It provides a daily video from Matthew Kelly and reflection from a Dynamic Catholic staff person. A great resource to start each day!” – Gregory Trost

“A resource that is easy to use in our busy lives, very doable” – Kathy Bruno

“I have been a part of this program for a number of years and feel like I have grown spiritually from all the meditations offeted. I think everyone in the parish will likeit ad well.” – Sr. Carrol Coble

“I follow Dynamic Catholic’s by Matthew Kelly. They put out Daily Reflection and during Lent they have a program called the Best Lent Ever.“ – Kathleen Daly

Little black books – provided by Annunciation
“The daily notes are short, but many are very reflective.”– Kathy Bruno

Pray as you Go
“I have been listening to the Pray as you Go daily prayer podcast/app/website from the British Jesuits on my commute to work for over 10 years. It combines music, scripture and some questions for reflection in an approximately 10 minute session that provides a framework for my prayer/meditation in the style of Ignatian Spirituality.” – Tom Hannan

The Sunday Website – Saint Louis University
“I find it helps me to discern what message God has for me for any particular Sunday Liturgy.” – Thomas Goodman

Word on Fire by Bishop Robert Barron
“I enjoy his posts because He discusses gospel and current events and puts them in relevant perspective.” – Karen Wolk

Laudate app for Apple or Android devices
“I like the daily prayer and the ability to look up other prayers. It does however offer so much more, stations of the cross, rosary and daily bible verses.” – Amy Breier Kwentus

The Catholic Femininst
“She has a podcast and a book, and it really blends together the common beliefs and stances of feminism and applies it to the Catholic teachings and lessons from the Bible.” – Magdalyn McLeod

Amazing Grace: Healing Race book by Larry Oney
“Excellent book about humiliation, unfairness, anger, forgiveness, hope, Grace and Redemption.” – Patrick Stack

JESUS: A Pilgrimage book by James Martin, SJ
“Author writes descriptively with a sense of humor and wisdom. This book will help you make a pilgrimage to the Holy Land without leaving the parish!” – Patrick Stack

Daily Inspiration
“It gives a reflection on the day’s gospel. I use it because the prayer after it reminds me how to be a better Christian.” – Margo Mueller

Still Roman Catholic After All These Years
– Tom Block

Word Among Us
“It has daily mass readings and meditations based on the readings.” – Jan Mealey

Girlfriends in God
"A great start to each day with support and scripture directed to us girlfriends totally relevant to our lives as moms, daughters, sisters, wives and women!" – Bettina Strauss

Praying Wives Club
"A great way to support your husband with a daily prayer with all of your good intentions for him." – Bettina Strauss