Let’s Talk about Catholic Social Teaching

Fr. Mike and Fr. Paul invite you to take part in an exciting new parish program, running from January through December 2024. Each month, parishioners will meet to discuss one aspect of Catholic Social Teaching. The discussion session will be offered twice each month to allow participants to choose a convenient time to attend.
  • One the second Sunday of the month, we will gather after the last Mass for sharing on the monthly topic. (Teaser: there may be donuts at the Sunday January gathering!)
  • You may choose to attend a second gathering on the same topic on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 7 pm
  • Meetings will rotate every other month between the Annunciation MPH room and the OLP cafeteria
  • Information about a short reading selection and questions to consider will be published in the bulletin in advance of the meetings (see below)
  • You may attend any of the monthly discussion sessions with no long-term commitment
Topic for January 2024: God’s Master Plan – Love
Prior to the session, read DOCAT: What to Do? The Social Teaching of the Catholic Church, pages 1-31. (Books may be obtained at no charge from Fr. Mike or Fr. Paul.) We ask that you prayerfully consider the following questions, and we invite you to share any insights about at least one of them at the dialogue session.
  • How can we explain the presence of evil in a world that God created as good?
  • What does it mean to love others as God loves us? What do you think this should look like in your own life?
  • What does it mean that love is not just a feeling but also a virtue? How is this similar to or different form the way the world commonly looks at love?